10mm, WLL 1.2 t Stål


Wire Rope Sling made of 10mm 1960N/mm2 tensile wire rope. Complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Annex II 1.A, EN12385 and EN13414-1.

Marked with WLL 1,2 tons and individual serial number. Design Safety Factor 5:1

The following lengths are available:

Green Thimbles 0.5 meter

Unpainted Selfcolored Thimbles 1.0 meter

Red Thimbles 1.5 meter

White Thimbles 3.0 meter

Blue Thimbles 6.0 meter

Yellow Thimbles 9.0 meter

Unpainted blue thimbles: 1,5m
Unpainted yellow thimbles: 1,5m
Unpainted green thimbles: 0,5m
Unpainted red thimbles: 1,5m
Unpainted silver thimbles: 1,0m
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