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14mm Rigging Rope

14 mm static rope for rigging. Large diameter to get a good grip. Rotation resistant construction


For highly visible and temporary marks on almost any surface. Engineered for smoother marking and bolder, brighter marks. Many colors available.

Dynema / Kevalar rope

High strength, very lightweight, and low stretch. Nonrotational, and easily spliced. Suited for wire replacement where weight is a primary design consideration.

EN1891 Rope

Low stretch kernmantel ropes, designed for protection of persons working at height, for use in rope access, human rescue and other similar activities.

Horizontal Systems.

Latchways horizontal systems are built around the Transfastener. We are certified to do installation, maintenance and annual inspections.

Level Lite Lasers

Three-beam laser pointer. The three beams on the PLS 3 plumb laser project up, down and forward. Green and red lasers are available.

Ratchet Pulley

Ratchet Pulley, used for hauling points. 100mm sheave specially engineered for Drop to be used with large diameter rigging ropes. Swiveling eye.

Söll Xenon

We are certified to do installation, maintenance and annual inspection of Söll Xenon horisontal fall protection systems.

Utility Line

Not for critical applications or climbing. Used as utility rope only. Fx. pilot lines on fall arrestors or for directional purposes.

Work at Height PPE

Petzl Personal Protective Equipment for Working at Height.

Actsafe Power Ascender

Battery-powered rope ascender enables new working methods for safe and ergonomic work at height. Offers quick, safe and reliable access to heights.

Actsafe Power Supply

When operating the Power Ascender from a fixed position you can use the Power Supply as your main power source.

Battery powered crimping tool

Battery powered crimping tool. Dies to crimp ferrules for 2mm, 4mm and 6mm wires

Dillon Tension meter

The Dillon tension meter can be placed on a cable, measure its tension and removed very easy. Can be calibrated to wires from 4 to 32 mm diameter.

Hydraulic crimping head.

Mobile Hydraulic crimping head. Up to 230 kN force. Connected to a 700 bar hydralic pump.

Hydro Jaws Anchor Tester

Hydralic Anchor tester. Suitable for testing anchors and lifting points for proofloading or pullout tests.

Kinesys 10 tons Loadcell

10 tons loadcell for Hi-load applications or applications where high safety co-efficients are required.

LibraPro Control Unit

Power and data hub for LibraCELLs. Data can be transmitted wireless to be read out on smartphones or other handsets.

Loadcell 4.75 tons

4,75 tons loadcell. No loss of headroom as the load cell is built right into the shackle.


Motorola two way radio equipment including accessories like chargers and mono-phones etc.

Rescue winch

Rescue devices to be used for a wide field of applications and different rescue situations.

Temporary Lifeline System

Large scale Temporary Lifeline Systems and SLR's to be used in temporary environments. For example in conjunction with one off shows.

Top Steel Rigging Kit

Complete Top Steel package, packed in heavy duty touring friendly steel cages.

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